Chicken Stew

Chicken Stew

What is chicken stew?

Chicken is a favourite food for many people in the world. Chicken stew is one of the healthy dishes. Along with the chicken, the dish contains many types of vegetables mostly boiled. Having a bowl of hot chicken stew in the breakfast in the wintertime is an amazing feeling.

Main Ingredients: –

Obviously chicken is the main ingredient. Along with that many vegetables like Carrots, Beans, Papaya, Potatoes, Capsicum etc are also important. Egg & Butter can also add additional taste to it.

The idea of costs: –

The cost of the dish is standard. Chicken is easily available and not that costly and vegetables are also available most of the time. So, we can say that the dish is not costly.

Expected time: –

The dish is mostly a mix of boiled of all ingredients. So, it is taking a little bit of time to prepare. It can take a maximum of 40 – 50 mins.

It can be served with bread, roti or can just eat without anything.

I took the snap when it was prepared by my mother for breakfast and we usually eat it with roti at home. if you like the dish and want to know the recipe please comment below. I will definitely share the recipe with everyone.

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