masala fish fry

Masala Fish Fry of Boal Fish

There is no introduction required for the fish fry. This dish is a little different from the usual fish fry recipe. That is the reason I named the dish Masala Fish Fry A mixing of masala coat is used with lemon over the fish while frying it.

Main ingredients: –

For this preparation, any fish can be used. In this recipe, Boal fish (helicopter catfish) is used. So, The fish is the main ingredient along with lemon. There are no special species needed for the recipe. All the spices are used for regular cooking.

The idea of costs: –

The maximum costs depend on which fish is used and what the costs of that are. In this recipe, Boal fish is used which has medium-cost currently. Other ingredients are not that costly. So, overall the costs are standard.

Expected time: –

This is a quick preparation dish. It shouldn’t take more than 30 mins of time.

Masala Fish Fry can be served with rice, daal at lunchtime Or it can be served as evening snacks. If you like the dish and want to know the recipe comment below. I will definitely share the recipe.

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